Contemporary Abstract Artist – Trailblazing Original Art

Thank you so much for visiting; you will see that I am an eclectic artist, working in several different styles, albeit all abstract or semi-abstract. One thing I think they all show is my love
of colour, a love that I’ve been true to since I was a child. I am often asked what inspires me – there’s no short answer but cities, skies, colours, a certain juxtaposition of shapes and
colours all play their part and my imagination does the rest.

As well as exhibiting locally in Bedfordshire, I exhibit regularly in London and currently have paintings in a gallery in Chicago, USA. I have also exhibited in Portugal and receive regular invitations to show my work in many international venues. My work graces the walls of homes in the UK, Ireland, USA and Portugal. My work is rapidly gaining acclaim nationally and internationally. All paintings come ready to hang and with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Click here for a quick look at some of my work, or visit me at my Instagram page.